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Meet The Crew

We lost a lot in the Atkins, AR tornado of 2008. We found ourselves in a crux of life that would allow us an opportunity to make something out of nothing. From the aftermath of the destruction, we built. Built our family, built our future, built our business. We volunteered to gather debris from farms whose barns and other old structures had been damaged by the EF4 twister. However we soon learned that although grateful for volunteers, many people needed and wanted full property cleanups. We rapidly began to amass a collection of all kinds of odd and unusual items that we rescued from the rubble as we cleaned and cleared properties for locals. Over time we have developed a keen eye for finding interesting, unique items that are in high demand for repurposers and collectors alike. Today the 2Brothers search out antiques and oddities of architectural, industrial, agricultural and automotive salvage from which to build our imaginations. We design some of the most appealing repurposed pieces on the market from what many consider trash or leftovers! From custom-built harvest tables to one-of-a-kind light fixtures to folk art, 2Brothers are constantly developing and producing some of the most fun and intriguing pieces anywhere around. Each and every piece of 2Brothers inventory has been either hand-picked or hand-made by the 2Brothers themselves.

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